Our Workflow

A brief review of the CustomAppHub software development process will help us explain each step of our workflow.

Custom App Hub: your tech partner in Product development

Our workflow is divided into three steps: ideation & evaluation, product design and product development. Quality assurance is an essential part of each of these processes.

Idea for a new product

On this stage, when we deal with a new product idea it is imperative to understand how promising a business plan is. Will the product be viable? Which customers may potentially be interested in it? These are the questions we seek to answer.

Concept definition & evaluation

  • Outlined vision of the project
  • Lean Canvas

Scope definition

  • Detailed product feature list based on Value Chain Map with use cases, flows and modules.

Evaluation for an existing product

In circumstances where an application exists, the initial stage starts with product evaluation. Following which we brainstorm the ideas that help improve your new or current app.

Code audit

  • A report with issues by priority having detailed information on each one
  • A recovery plan with advise on how to resolve the identified issues

UX Review

  • A list of UX design issues by priority, having illustrated examples of best practices
  • A comprehensive list of suggestions on solving the discovered problems

Exploratory Testing

  • A detailed understanding of all project integrations and features
  • Fast detection of all key discrepancies
  • Specification that includes the main functions

Product Design

We gather, specify and analyze requirements through requirements engineering and business analysis processes. Our experts write functional specifications and define business goals required for product development. The next step is research-based user experience design.

Business Analysis

  • Operational model
  • Data model
  • Business model

Requirements Engineering

  • Covers both non-functional and functional business requirements

User experience design

  • User interface text
  • UX prototypes and wireframes
  • User flows

Product Development

On the product development stage, we create a final visual explanation of your product and implement it in code. We test product functionality at every stage of the workflow in order to guarantee excellent code quality.

User Interface Design

  • Interactive mockups and prototypes for all resolutions
  • UI assets: animations, illustrations, patterns, banners and icons
  • Design specification: UI kit, style guide

Server/Client-side App Development

  • Server-side GraphQL or REST API with documentation
  • Designing database architecture
  • Secure and stable architecture
  • Client-side mobile or web application connected to server-side API
  • Source code created according to design patterns, style guides, and standards
  • 80–100% automation test coverage

DevOps & Infrastructure Management

  • Infrastructure as code with Docker containers
  • Tuned AWS architecture
  • Automation deployment scripts
  • Continuous integration setup
  • Monitoring tools and Production control setup

Quality Assurance: Penetration, Performance, Compatibility, Functional and Usability Testing.

  • Fully-tested working product
  • Test cases, suites and specification
  • Automation, penetration, performance and functional testing scripts

Management and Support

The entire project lifecycle needs the management and support functions on every stage. These allow our team to maintain transparency in communication with you and offer streamlined, sequenced and planned resources, mitigate the impact of risks and control the quality of your product.


  • Release plan
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Change log
  • RAID log


  • Team progress reports
  • RACI matrix
  • Communication plan with time, duration and agenda of all past and future meetings and calls

Explore the responsibilities of each Functional Office

CustomAppHub has five functional offices. All of them are involved in developing your product. Check out the duties of each office and learn how their workflows function to know how we deliver our projects:

Tools we use to
organize workflow

We use lots of software for project management and communication. Our team typically uses Webex for video calls, Jira for task management and Slack for daily chats. Still, we tend to stay curious about new tools and aim to adapt to your preferences.









Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts



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