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CustomAppHub is well aware that each detail matters in product design. Our web design company is research-oriented, implying it puts each detail in place. Our approach comprises detailed research and ongoing testing to ensure we deliver you a delightful experience along with an appealing interface.

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In a market laced with cut-throat rivalry among companies to surpass each other in customer loyalty, it is critical to stay one step ahead than rivals when it comes to making products that solve user issues. The team of experts at CustomAppHub helps you make products that make a real difference to users.

The Apps We Have Developed

We develop apps compatible with all Android devices, regardless of size and shape. We offer an entire range of Android mobile app design and development services.

A Mobile App for E-Commerce System

Mangofy is a socialising app that facilitates travellers in building a community by sharing impressions about the sights they have visited. Travellers, on the other hand, can create stories, add geotagged videos and photos and discover stories of fellow globetrotters. Companies can use Mangofy to show customers what it really feels like to avail their services.

Order Out
A Social App to Order Food

Order Out is a social voting app that helps firms test their ideas before they release products. It obtains valid feedback and provides analytics quickly to help companies perform valid product testing quickly and cost-efficiently.

Parking app
A digital service for paid parking

This app combines all parking management functions into a single administrative tool. It took one month to develop an MVP which included with BankID authorization, access to an entire list of garages as well as connectivity with Raspberry Pi to open garage gates.

Research-based Design Results in the Right Product Decisions

The approach we take towards product design helps us provide you insights on your end users as well as on your product. Being a professional web design company, making research-oriented design, to us, means:

UX Design gets Explored

Leave that problem you’re struggling to resolve to us. Beginning with an examination of your rivals and the market you operate in, we research extensively into it. Most importantly, we analyze user feedback. Our experts listen to your users round the clock. Permanent exploration helps us detect what needs to be improved, helping us make the necessary changes as early as possible. This saves you both the money and time as well as the hassle over the long term.

User Design Includes Journeys

Prior to drawing screens, our designers create user flows. Also known as journeys, these flows show pain points, expectations and goals the users want to achieve with your product. All this data helps us provide relevant user experiences and consistent design across all devices that a user interacts with. Our goal is to delight your users so they return to your product.

Good Design is Invisible

Without a doubt, design is a language. Good design should be easy-to-understand for most people. We build experiences that don’t need sophisticated onboarding. Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s Material Design Guidelines help us do that. We stick to user experience and user interface design best practices to create intuitive user interfaces.

Design Goes with Technology

Both technology and design have a common goal: to deliver a great experience for the end user. CustomAppHub is a web development and design company in which web designers and software engineers work as one team, being in the same workplace. This collaboration results in amazing products that give our clients the best of both worlds.

How We Design Products

User testing, ideation, competitor analysis and research are some of the most important steps of our product design process. Here’s how we create great solutions that solve real problems.

  1. What is it?

    Defining the product vision

  2. What is it?

    Gather information on the audience and identify user needs

    What you get:

    • A report on competitive analysis
    • Storyboards
    • Customer journey map
    • Personasli>
  3. What is it?

    Coming up with high quality design ideas

    What you get:

    • User flow diagram
    • List of best solutions and proposals
  4. What is it?

    Turning ideas into solid examples

    What you get:

    • Style guide and specifications
    • Wireframes
    • Sitemaps
    • Pixel-perfect prototype
  5. What is it?

    Assessing the design

    What you get:

    • Analytics report
    • Usability report

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