User Experience Auditing

A user experience audit is an affordable and quick way to improve your product. In a User Experience audit, a designer uses a collection of methods, tools and skills to analyze how users interact with your product and detect any potential problems in User Experience.

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What is a User Experience Audit?

This analysis includes advice on how to improve business performance, increase ROI and optimize your website or app.

A user experience audit comprises the expertise of a designer as well as user interface, usability guidelines and heuristic principles best practices.

Designer expertise

Heuristic principles

Usability guidelines

UI best practices

Why Your Project Needs a UX Review

Our user experience design review service aims to improve your project in the following ways:

By Boosting Conversion Rate

There exists a correlation between the conversion rate and the quality of user experience.

By Increasing User Satisfaction

Loyalty, retention and user engagement directly depend on user satisfaction

By Enhancing Competitiveness

Our experts tell you how you can make your product value more unique and attractive to users.

By Streamlining the User Experience

Users typically seek a seamless experience. If they don’t get it, they tend to leave.

How We Conduct a UX Design Review

  1. First of all our team obtains all available information about the competitors, the clients, the product, as well as on the business itself.
  2. Having info on the competitors we conduct a competitive analysis of the product: compare competitors’ products with the design and make a list of lacking features.
  3. Important product user flows are illustrated in cognitive walkthroughs; all pages and navigation get assessed for any potential issues. Our team also checks the product to ensure it complies with design best practices.
  4. Based on the competitive analysis report, we make the final report having advice on how to improve product usability and overall user experience.
  5. Finally, we estimate the resources and time it takes to implement the advised improvements or to build a product from scratch.

Optionally, we conduct user testing for critical product flows and generate a report based on the results we get. This method helps us identify valuable insights on how the product helps users interact with it.

Each detected problem is assessed as per the following Criticality Scale:

  • Minor - issues that need fixture but do not hurt the UX greatly
  • Major – because they disturb your business results and goals therefore must be fixed
  • Critical – because they affect overall user experience and usability must be fixed ASAP

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