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Custom App Hub develops retail & e-commerce software solutions for startups, online marketplaces and global e-commerce brands. We have worked with over 50 clients in the retail industry that helped us gained extensive expertise building online retail software and technology and e-commerce platforms that unite all parts of the e-commerce value chain.

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Custom App Hub develops e-commerce & retail software solutions for global e-commerce brands, online marketplaces, and startups. We’ve worked with over 50 clients in the retail industry and have gained extensive expertise building online e-commerce & retail software and technology platforms that connect all parts of the e-commerce value chain.                   


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For e-commerce owners

CustomAppHub is the best fit for companies that aim to expand to an enterprise-level e-commerce store. With our customized software solutions based on the open-source Spree Commerce platform, you get all the functionalities required by your store to set up, sell, ship, and market products. Our analytics module lets you derive insights from visitors' behavior to tweak sales. Furthermore, our mobile storefront solution helps you sell products using a mobile sales channel.

For marketplace owners

If you intend to set up a multi-seller platform in your business niche, we can develop a solution for you. We have developed a number of marketplaces for both B2C and B2B companies that operate in both global and local markets. Based on our experience in online marketplace development, we have designed a core platform with some basic functionality that can be easily customized according to your needs. With our help, you can build an online marketplace that offers consistently high performance and easily scales.

For startups

Our experience as e-commerce software developers makes us a great choice among startups trying to build products in the retail space. We will help you study your market, prioritize features, develop core functionality and finally launch a beta version. Then, we will work with you to improve your app until it satisfies the needs of your customers. We apply a lean approach to product development and offer the complete package of services needed to create an MVP: prototyping, design, development and quality assurance.

Our e-commerce software development case studies

We have built retail analytics software, shopper software, CRMs for online retail, e-commerce shops and many other custom retail projects. See what our experts have accomplished for startups as well as e-commerce businesses.

SaaS platforms for Retailers

Exposure is a real-time analytics system for both retail spaces and events that use the IoT technology to gather data on visitor behavior through Wi-Fi networks. We developed this product for one of our UK-based clients.

Online marketplaces

DesignBro is a London-based platform for crowdsourced design competitions. The marketplace lets designers participate in contests and lets companies get top-quality designs for reasonable prices.

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