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CustomAppHub has attained the trust of recruitment agencies & hiring companies by delivering secure and reliable systems developed via modern technologies. Our consultants allot specific teams for your project as part of the recruitment software development plan to begin the development of your tailored recruitment software.

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CustomAppHub has a little over seven years of experience in software development after having completed different recruitment projects. Their distinctive skills and proven expertise in the area of user experience design and agile software development ensure a high-quality product gets delivered.

Recruitment Apps we make

Our projects include Job boards, assessments, chatbots, interviewing software, applicant tracking systems, CRMs, mobile apps, talent acquisition software and other apps that serve businesses and customers in multiple niches.

A Mobile App for E-Commerce System

Mangofy is a socialising app that facilitates travellers in building a community by sharing impressions about the sights they have visited. Travellers, on the other hand, can create stories, add geotagged videos and photos and discover stories of fellow globetrotters. Companies can use Mangofy to show customers what it really feels like to avail their services.

Order Out
A Social App to Order Food

Order Out is a social voting app that helps firms test their ideas before they release products. It obtains valid feedback and provides analytics quickly to help companies perform valid product testing quickly and cost-efficiently.

Parking app
A digital service for paid parking

This app combines all parking management functions into a single administrative tool. It took one month to develop an MVP which included with BankID authorization, access to an entire list of garages as well as connectivity with Raspberry Pi to open garage gates.

Job boards

Connect your applicants with the business by pre-screening applicants via the job boards designed by CustomAppHub. You can post company profiles, job descriptions and salary ranges, allowing potential candidates to apply directly.


Several companies conduct assessments of employees before taking employees on board to confirm whether or not they are proficient enough. Assessment and testing tools allow you to do that conveniently.


Applicants usually have questions that they may post any time of the day. These chatbots are AI-powered and can be trained to provide specific responses to specific queries and they integrate with your job boards and/or website! Chatbots make life a lot easier.

Applicant tracking systems

It lets you automate the resume screening process by screening for specific keywords in applicants’ resumes. They also alert you on shortlisted candidates, making your hiring process easier.

Mobile Apps

Candidates can easily apply to your recruitment firm by using the mobile app. The mobile integration method allows social media users to apply too via mobile apps.


You can integrate the applicant tracking software with candidate relationship management (CRM) software that ensures candidates in your pool are being interacted with, and have a positive experience. It allows you to search for the top candidates out there.

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