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We're a leading provider of custom marketplaces for businesses across the globe. With seven years of experience in the field, we’ve created a ready-made solution for quality and cost-efficient marketplace development. We build marketplaces that are unique, fast, and scalable.

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What we offer

We offer a white-label marketplace solution that can be easily customized and designed according to your business needs. Our custom-made solution allows us to create four types of marketplaces:

  • Product sales
  • Rental services
  • Booking services
  • Consulting services

See our Marketplace Development Portfolio

So far, we have built more than 20 custom marketplaces that help our clients offer exceptional services to individuals and businesses around the world. Here are just a few examples of successful marketplaces we have created within our walls:

A Mobile App for E-Commerce System

Mangofy is a socialising app that facilitates travellers in building a community by sharing impressions about the sights they have visited. Travellers, on the other hand, can create stories, add geotagged videos and photos and discover stories of fellow globetrotters. Companies can use Mangofy to show customers what it really feels like to avail their services.

Order Out
A Social App to Order Food

Order Out is a social voting app that helps firms test their ideas before they release products. It obtains valid feedback and provides analytics quickly to help companies perform valid product testing quickly and cost-efficiently.

Parking app
A digital service for paid parking

This app combines all parking management functions into a single administrative tool. It took one month to develop an MVP which included with BankID authorization, access to an entire list of garages as well as connectivity with Raspberry Pi to open garage gates.

Build an Outstanding Marketplace with us

  • Appealing UI &
    Streamlined UX

    We design pleasing interfaces that nurture brand affinity, increase a marketplace’s competitive advantage and encourage user engagement.

  • Seamless

    We use an architectural style that allows marketplaces to adopt new features rapidly and scale limitlessly. With our tailored marketplace solution, your product will be capable of handling any load.

  • Rapid

    With our custom marketplace solution, you can launch your product much cheaper and faster than with other technology providers. We have built a solution for rapid development that’s extremely scalable and flexible.

  • Impeccable

    Our agile software development practices – adherence to code ownership, automated testing, continuous integration and coding standards, etc. – help us develop bug-free products.

Why team up with Custom App Hub?

Skills do matter. But when it comes to making decisions, experience is what we can truly depend on. Over the course of many years developing web software and Rails apps, we have acquired hard-to-replicate competencies.

Years in development

Marketplaces released

In-house developers

White-label solutions

Features of our white-label solution

For Product Marketplaces

  • Inventory (stock) management

  • Product listing

  • Booking system

  • Order management

For Service Marketplaces

  • Booking calendar

  • Shopping cart

  • Listings

Common Features

  • Feedback and reviews

  • Profile management (for buyers and sellers)

  • Authentication and authorization

  • Messaging via chat

  • Payments

  • Wishlist/favorites list

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