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CustomAppHub has successfully attained the trust of educational startups & institutions by delivering reliable and secure systems powered by modern technologies. We offer dedicated teams as part of our software development services to complement the development of your customised educational software.

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Our engineers have over seven years of experience in software engineering after having completed different educational projects. Their distinctive skills and proven expertise in the area of user experience design and agile software development ensure a high-quality product gets delivered.

Applications we’ve built

Our projects include telehealth solutions, market research tools, location-based services, and other applications serving the needs of customers and businesses in various niches.

A Mobile App for E-Commerce System

Mangofy is a socialising app that facilitates travellers in building a community by sharing impressions about the sights they have visited. Travellers, on the other hand, can create stories, add geotagged videos and photos and discover stories of fellow globetrotters. Companies can use Mangofy to show customers what it really feels like to avail their services.

Order Out
A Social App to Order Food

Order Out is a social voting app that helps firms test their ideas before they release products. It obtains valid feedback and provides analytics quickly to help companies perform valid product testing quickly and cost-efficiently.

Parking app
A digital service for paid parking

This app combines all parking management functions into a single administrative tool. It took one month to develop an MVP which included with BankID authorization, access to an entire list of garages as well as connectivity with Raspberry Pi to open garage gates.


Any software product such as educational software needs to offer a positive user experience. In order to avoid failures, our QA specialists make a test plan and then validate if the system meets the requirements. We test software and fix errors in an iterative way.


Increased use of mobile technologies, cross-border exchanges and third-party vendors are all forces that make cyber-security one of the biggest concerns for educational companies. Our team identifies the serious threats and takes all possible measures to resolve them.


After the first release, going forwards will require you to modify your code, whether it is because of updating technolog or adding new features. To make code easy to work with, we follow industry conventions and "the golden rules of coding" that every good programmer is familiar with.


More often than not companies don't pay enough attention to software scalability. But when they start to expand, scalability becomes their main problem. We build software with scalability in focus by using scalable technologies and micro-service architecture.

Web and Mobile

The majority of finance apps require both mobile and web platforms to be able to provide a compelling value proposition for customers. We offer dedicated teams to build digital platforms for web, Android and iOS, so you don't need to search for specific experts.


Instead of focusing on what their customers wanted, for man y years the educational industry players focused their efforts on what they had to offer. Now that situation has completely changed. In our UX design approach, we put the customer in the centre and design solutions focusing on people's needs.

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