About Us

CustomAppHub is a software development agency having over 8 years of experience building software for enterprises and apps for startups.

What is Custom App Hub?

CustomAppHub drives its strength from three principles: talented people, proven technologies and streamlined processes. Together all of these make us one of the leading software development firms in the market.

Proven technologies

Our hard work results in software that fulfils the CISQ code quality criteria. It is reliable, efficient, maintainable and secure.


Our team assesses multi-talented people and invests in them by providing them one of the strongest training and career mentoring programs in the city.

Streamlined Processes

The higher the workflow efficiency, the better the employee performance. Our process encourages maintenance of work quality, automating software delivery pipeline and increasing team morale.

Our multiple years’ of work experience on organizational development and service design have helped us win the trust of international businesses.

CustomAppHub is a world-class Ukraine-based team serving globally. Our clients are business owners looking to build new products with us or improve their current software solutions.

Ecommerce Front

the United Kingdom

A Reliable Fashion Platform for Online Shoppers

This is an ecommerce platform that combines the online stores of world-famous clothing and accessories designers.

Online Marketplace


An Online Marketplace to Book Camping

This project is a double-ended marketplace that helps people provides park owners and book camping online thanks to integrated technology solutions that help them run their campsites productively.

FinTech App

the United States

An Investment & Trading Platform for both Beginners & Professionals

An online financial portal and social community that helps you invest with guidance from experts and friends.

The company’s organizational structure is built to give our clients access to the most effective software-building approaches and the best talent.

In software development, the work process plays a critical role in the success of any project. CustomAppHub has five production offices. Each of these works as per a well-defined process and implements software best practices to note down requirements, develop software, design its user interface, manage projects and finally test its functionality.

  • Business Analysis Office

    Our business analysts slash the development cost and time by deploying globally-acclaimed business analysis techniques.

  • Project Management Office

    The project managers on our team are responsible for goal-based, on-budget and on-time delivery.

  • Design Office

    Using a research-based design approach, our UI and UX designers build great products.

  • Programming & Engineering Office

    The engineers on our team apply the Extreme Programming methodology to deliver quality software.

  • Quality Assurance Office

    Our QA specialists apply automated and manual testing techniques to ensure the system operates properly.

Best software development practices, Tech savviness and engineering capacity

Get this and more with CustomAppHub.

  • Sensitivity to Time Difference

    We adjust our workday as per your schedule.

  • Transparent Workflows

    You have complete access to our tools, processes and team.

  • Demand-based team scaling

    When you need additional resources we scale your team as you need.

  • Effortless Communication

    Direct collaboration will take place among our developers and you.

Key facts about CustomAppHub

  • Founded


  • Headquartered in

    Tallinn, Estonia

    Dnipro, Ukraine

  • Company size

    150+ in-house employees

  • Services

    Software Engineering & Outsourcing

  • Own products


  • Projects released


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